The Fun Things to do in the Bahamas

The Fun Things to do in the Bahamas

Soft sand, baby blue water and everything that makes a tropical destination a dream — that’s what you can expect when you visit the Bahamas. This picturesque island nation has some of the most idyllic beaches in the world, but the beauty doesn’t stop there. Visitors who come to soak up the sun on a beach chair with a drink in their hands often miss out on the other great places this vibrant archipelago has to offer.

From swimming with pigs in the Exuma’s to exploring the second deepest blue hole in the world, here are the best things to do in the Bahamas, including many exciting adventures that may surprise you:

12. Swimming with pigs

Swimming with pigs on Big Major Cay (aka Pig Beach) in the Exumas is one of the most popular activities in the Bahamas-and for good reason! These friendly pigs are used to human interaction and swim up to their boat on excursions like this.

However, not all pig tours on Big Major Cay are created equal, so read this guide to swimming with pigs in the Bahamas to learn everything you need to know before choosing one.

11. Go diving

The pristine waters of the Bahamas provide perfect diving conditions. There are all kinds of sea creatures to see, from huge shells to stingrays to colorful schools of fish. The islands are an excellent place for beginners to learn the basics, and this beginner diving program is a great option.

The most impressive place to dive in the Bahamas is the 190-mile Andros Barrier Reef off the coast of Andros. There you will find an impressive variety of marine life, vibrant corals and even blue holes nearby. For an all-inclusive diving experience, visit the Andros Beach Club.

10. Cuddling with nurse sharks

So you’ve swum with pigs now and are ready to expand your comfort zone to other marine life: nurse sharks! They are docile animals that are used to swimming with tourists. You can pet them and even hug them a little if you want. I mean, when else can you literally hug a shark?

The Sharks are in Compass Cay, and most tours depart from Nassau or Staniel Cay. Many tours include swimming with pigs and nurse sharks, like this one from Get Your Guide.

9. Visit Dean’s Blue Hole

Dean’s Blue Hole is the second largest sinkhole in the world. Because the water is so clear, you can see up to 115 feet into the hole, which is 663 feet deep. It is similar to Belize’s Blue Hole, but much less crowded, which is a big plus. It is a popular destination for freedivers, but you can also swim and snorkel there. If you want to learn freediving, you can take a basic course at Vertical Blue.

To get to Dean’s Blue Hole, you need to fly to Long Island and go to the Turtle Cove development. For more information on how to access Dean’s Blue Hole, click here.

8. Swim in the calm waters of Pirate Beach

If you visit the Bahamas, don’t miss the small island of Staniel Cay, where you will find the quiet pirate beach. The water has a sweet baby blue color, and the soft white sand makes it even more dreamy. To get there, follow the G&B highway almost to the end and turn right onto a dirt road before the end of the highway.

7. Rent a golf cart

Whether you’re on a small island like Staniel Cay or hanging out in a city like Nassau, renting a golf cart in the Bahamas gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. You can find secret beaches and take yourself out to eat — and wherever you want!

On many islands of the Bahamas, golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation, so they blend in perfectly with the locals. Do not forget to drive on the left!

6. Walking on Kouseiland

This island is a rugged masterpiece of nature, which is perfect for a walk because of the rocky cliffs, from which you have incredible views. Although the whole island is only about five kilometers long, there is a lot to see. From stromatolites and the world’s oldest fossils to the fascinating Jacques Cousteau secret Cave, you’ll enjoy exploring kous Island on pristine nature trails.

5. Watch Thunderball Grotto

A visit to the Thunderball Grotto – a system of underwater caves where you can swim, snorkel or dive — can be included in any tour to pigs and nurse sharks, as it is located west of Staniel Cay. It is best to visit at low tide, because at high tide it is necessary to go inside with diving equipment.

You may recognize the Thunderball grotto from the James Bond films in which it can be seen, but this is not even the most exciting thing about this incredible natural wonder. Below the surface of the water, you can see schools of colorful fish and other marine life that thrive in their natural habitat. The way the sunlight penetrates through the top of the cave creates a mystical atmosphere that makes this place unforgettable.

4. Explore caves in Lucayan National Park

On the south coast of Grand Bahama is Lucayan National Park, a 40-hectare natural treasure with underwater caves, mangrove swamps, beaches and forests full of wildlife. Here is also the famous Gold Rock Beach with a pristine coral reef just off the coast. This park is the ideal place for nature lovers who want to get off the overcome track in the Bahamas, far from the big hotels.

3. Play an underwater piano

Okay, maybe you can’t really play this underwater piano, but you can definitely pretend! David Copperfield owns an island nearby and has this artwork titled “The Musician.”

A visit to this unique treasure is not included in most tours from Staniel Cay, but if you have your own boat, you can sail there. It is about 15 minutes from Farmer’s Cay and only about 15 meters below the surface of the water, so you can easily swim down and take a picture, as above.

2. Parasailing over Cabbage Beach

The crystal clear waters surrounding Paradise Island’s Cabbage Beach are even more impressive when viewed from above. So why not try parasailing? This parasailing adventure takes you up to 500 feet in the air with a parachute attached to you. Being so high is really a thrill, and the adrenaline rush is a bold way to spice up your beach vacation.

1. Travel back in time at Nassau Monastery

Did you expect to find the remains of a 14th century French monastery in the Bahamas? Me neither! But you can definitely go to Paradise Island at the Ocean Club, A Four Seasons resort. The garden is located between two large residential buildings and is reminiscent of medieval France with large stone arches and ornate statues.

As strange as this place may sound, it is one of the most unique things you will find in the Bahamas. try it-you can go directly to the gardens, even if you are not a guest at the resort.

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