All about World Nomads Travel Insurance

All about World Nomads Travel Insurance

Why? Because it really, really sucks when you have an emergency abroad and don’t have it, and not all insurance is made equal. There have been horror stories about people being held in hospitals, almost like hostels, for not paying outstanding bills, or worse, not getting care at all.

But if you need to be flown over, a family member has flown over to you, or you’re just sick on the road and don’t want to have to suffer as you might get care, then travel insurance is a no-brainer. It’s best if you never have to use it, but if you need it, it can literally save your trip (and yourself).

That said, travel insurance isn’t going to cover everything. In most matters outside of medical coverage, you will need a separate policy. I’ve taken many of these policies in the past as well, and will discuss your other options in this post as well. World Nomads may not be for you, but before I talk about the cons, let’s talk about the typical coverage.

It Provides Coverage For Medical Expenses

Why pay for insurance that you might not use? You could risk it and travel without insurance. I’d be lying if I said I never did. Once I had to go to the doctor in Vietnam and, being insured, paid out of pocket for the visit and medicines. It cost me about the same as the insurance would have for the entire 4 months that I was away. That was risky of me, because if I had experienced a bigger problem, I could have made a lot more money.

I’ve had friends who needed ambulance rides in the US that cost over without insurance, met divers who needed compression chambers after diving emergencies, and recently had a family member cancel her trip when her traveling companion fell ill. She was insured and got her money back, but he didn’t, and had to eat up the cost.

The worst matter scenario, if you have insurance, is that nothing goes wrong and you have the money just for safety, but the worst matter scenario without insurance on your trip is much, much to say. It’s possible to be denied care together in some countries if you can’t pay – yikes.

Why I use World Nomads for health needs

I choose this one because it covers activities I love that most other insurance won’t cover, and they have paid out claims continued by friends of mine consistently.

No insurance is perfect. If you want to be reimbursed, your claim must include all the necessary paperwork and be eligible for the coverage they provide. I’m not a fan of any insurance company — they all kind of suck and I don’t feel health insurance should ever be for profit — but I still get insurance for all of the reasons in this post so far.

I enjoy scuba diving, high altitude hiking, skydive, scuba diving, and more on my travels. World Nomads is my go-to because of both the completeness and specificity of the coverage. These guys cover so many activities, from unicycles and dog sledding to swimming with cetacean and running the Bulls. It is also helpful that they clearly indicate which activities have coverage by each of their two plans, standard and Explorer. You can use the following tool to look at the prices:

For example, suppose you are planning a trip to Bali to go surfing, sailing and diving. You would be able to go on the World Nomads website, look at their detailed lists of activities to find your specific ones, and determine whether you need to purchase the standard Plan or the Explorer Plan to make sure everything you would do on your trip has coverage.

World Nomads will also allow you to buy more coverage quickly and easily if you run out abroad (such as when you decided to extend your trip at the last minute). They also have multilingual emergency assistance available 24/7.

All in all, I like that World Nomads offers simple and flexible travel insurance designed to help cover medical expenses. Having the activities I love covered makes this my go-to for those reasons.

The coverage you need based on the way you travel

Please note that each policy will be different depending on where you are from. The following suggestions are based on their general offers, but you should read the fine print to make sure your policy with WN covers these things.

That said, How do you like to travel? Are you adventurous, or do you prefer to play on the safer side when you go abroad? Does your ideal trip look like yoga on the beach, or cliff diving and hang gliding? World Nomads clearly breaks down the insurance plan you need based on the activities you plan to participate in. Find out the coverage you need for your favorite activities below.

then the standard plan of the World Nomads is just fine for you. Almost every normal activity you would engage in while traveling is covered under this plan, while the Explorer Plan comes in handy for activities that are more the style of “living on the edge.”

While both the standard Plan and the Explorer Plan cover up to in emergency medical and dental expenses, the difference lies in the daily cost of the insurance you choose, as well as the total dollar amount of coverage you receive for a number of other situations, such as stolen items or delayed luggage. Although the daily costs vary depending on the specifics of your trip, on average you will pay 60 to 75% more for the Explorer Plan than for the standard plan, but if you participate in high-risk activities, your safety is undoubtedly worth the extra cost.

For the winter Olympian

Most of the normal winter activities fall under the standard plan of the World Nomads, which includes:

Some major disadvantages of World Nomads

World nomads contracts through providers on a location-by-location basis. What one policy covers in one country or in another may be different from another, and therefore reading the fine print, no matter how annoying it is, is necessary.

World Nomads, like most travel insurance, deliberately omit things like recent timess, much to the chagrin of anyone who wanted recent times refunds. The travel insurance provided by Chase cards, and most other standard insurance, also has this policy. Unfortunately, it’s standard and you often need additional policies, or much more expensive ones, to get full coverage (which I’ll discuss below).

They also omit acts of roughness, civil unrest, acts of war, and basically anything that could trigger a massive payoff from them. Some insurance companies will cover this, but they are pricey. It’s always a balance whether it’s really worth it or not.

Since World Nomads is primarily a health insurance company, they also cover only a minimal amount of equipment. If you are traveling with expensive equipment, in most matters you will need a separate policy for the technical gadgets.

If you still have to file a claim, you should follow the fine print exactly. Like all insurance, which, frankly, are all worthless, they are trying to make a profit.

For example, trip cancellation has specific requirements that are unique to your policy, such as a required 24-hour period. You might also find that if you get treated back home, the insurance assumes that your home coverage kicks in. Always read the fine print because you can be sure they will when evaluating your claim.

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