Check out the Lowest Tropical Islands to Visit

Check out the Lowest Tropical Islands to Visit

It’s time to debunk the misconception that tropical island destinations are just for mega-luxury vacations that cost an arm and a leg. In many parts of the world, it’s actually more affordable to stay on a beautiful island, as opposed to a big, bustling city. Sure, it can be a little off the overcome path to find places like this — or find ways to save money in less budget-friendly destinations – but that’s what lists like this are for. After all, don’t we all deserve to occasionally disconnect from the world on a lush tropical island?

From North America to the southeastern tip of Africa, these are the Lowest tropical islands to visit-and some may surprise you!

1. Big Island of Hawaii, USA

I know what you’re thinking: Hawai’i?! inexpensive?! But listen to me. You will be surprised how economical a visit to Hawaii is, especially if you are staying on the Big Island. Even though a day sounds expensive, there are many ways to save money when traveling to Hawaii.

For starters, traveling to the Big Island during the low season (February to April) will save you a lot of money on accommodation and flights. Reduce your costs even more by camping, leaving you with only night; you can make a reservation here. You can also find many budget options on Airbnb, like this neat yurt for night.

Making the most of the awesome scenery is easy to do inexpensively, as most of the best things you can do on the Big Island are free or very affordable. Take, for example, the Pu’uhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park. There are no-cost days and regular admission ranges, depending on whether you need parking.

2. The Bahamas

With 700 islands and more than 2,400 cays, it is fair to say that there is something for everyone in the Bahamas. whether you’re planning to visit the bustling city of Nassau or looking for a more laid-back place like Staniel Cay, there’s definitely something to do to visit on a tight budget.

As you plan your trip, you may notice that popular excursions such as swimming with pigs and nurse sharks can be expensive. A more affordable alternative might be to kayak through the Exuma Cays on your own and see the wildlife in the area that way. You can rent a kayak with Island Explorers for only for the whole day. Another excellent excursion is a visit to the Lucayan National Park, which costs only for admission. More ideas on what to do in the Bahamas can be found here.

Saving money on accommodation may seem like an impossible task, given the abundance of luxury hotels on the islands. However, a little creativity and an open mind can go a long way here. For example, this beautiful room is available for only night, and you may be able to ask your host about inexpensive attractions and restaurants.

3. Puerto Rico

This Caribbean island is a paradise that won’t break the bank. Like many destinations in Latin America, it’s easy to find ways to save money in Puerto Rico, including avoiding large hotels by the sea. You can easily find affordable hostels and Airbnbs in San Juan.

If you want to visit other places on the island like the El Yunque National Forest or small islands like Isla Culebra, you can easily take a bus or a ferry for inexpensive. In fact, the ferry from Ceiba to Isla Culebra. You can also book an excursion to El Yunque for only which includes transportation to and from San Juan.

Puerto Ricans are very welcoming and generous. You don’t have to pay a lot of money for a hearty lunch, and chances are you’ll even have leftovers. For an affordable meal, head to one of the many chinchorros (small stalls) in San Juan. You can find them in the busy streets and markets.

4. Inexpensive Flights To Isla Holbox, Mexico

Isla Holbox never ceases to enchant me, and I would be lying if I said that I was content to visit only once. This is one of the many places I have returned to in Mexico because of its beauty and affordable price.

Holbox is a small island off the Yucatán Peninsula, with calm shores and even a bioluminescent lagoon. There are no cars there (except for occasional vehicle maintenance); locals travel by golf cart or motorcycle.

The island has become more popular in recent years and therefore less affordable than before, which is unfortunately normal for many places in Mexico. However, it is still quite accessible compared to other places like Cancún, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, which are nearby. In Holbox you can always find inexpensive dorm beds, places to camp and even very affordable Airbnbs. The food scene is also relatively inexpensive, with taco stands and small beach huts selling ceviche here and there for about per meal. Restaurants and cafes are always more expensive than other places in Mexico, but you can expect to pay for lunch or dinner.

5. The Dominican Republic

There is so much more to the Dominican Republic than the flashy resorts of Punta Cana. This vibrant Caribbean island nation strikes the perfect balance between the laid-back beach vibe and vibrant Latin culture. The locals are warm and welcoming, always ready to lend a hand if you need directions or a restaurant recommendation for a inexpensive lunch. Not only that, but the country is one of the Lowest destinations in Latin America if you play your cards right.

First of all, avoid Punta Cana if you want to save money in the Dr.choose to keep your base in Santo Domingo, or even in a small town like Las Terrenas if you want a more authentic experience. Especially in the historic center of Santo Domingo, tourist restaurants can surprise you with their price. Instead, try heading down a side street to find a more local joint for a home-cooked meal. Dominican food is incredibly rich and delicious, so you will not be disappointed.

Transportation from Santo Domingo to other parts of the island can be really inexpensive if you don’t mind moving around like the locals do. You can expect to pay about for a bus ticket from the capital to Punta Cana, for example. These buses are inexpensive, so don’t expect a five-star experience -get ready for a potentially tight ride.

The Dominican Republic has beautiful beaches, thick jungles and picturesque small towns where you will get a taste of authentic island life. This one is definitely for the adventurous traveler.

6. The Galápagos Islands

This one might surprise you. Long considered a destination reserved for luxury travelers on high-end cruise ships, the Galápagos have gained a reputation as a must-visit place. However, this is by no means the matter. This eco-friendly treasure can actually be very accessible for budget travelers, which is great news if the Galápagos has been on your wish list for some time.

Although there are a lot of expensive hotels there, there are also a few budget options that are comfortable. For example, if you are staying on Isabela, you will find some of the Lowest accommodation on the islands, around night.

There are plenty of expensive excursions and diving opportunities in the Galápagos, but there are also plenty of completely free activities to keep you busy. You can swim in the lava-carved pools of Las Grietas, hang out in Tortuga Bay in Santa Cruz, hike to the Cerro Tijeretas viewpoint in San Cristóbal or cycle the Wall of Tears in Isabela.

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