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The Great Caribbean Islands to Visit

It would be silly to list the entire Caribbean region with an overarching description. Each island has a unique character and culture of its own, with different landscapes and attractions. Even the beaches are different, ranging from the typical soft white sand to the unexpected pink and rocky coves. If it has been impossible for

These are Reasons to Visit Finnish Lapland

Before finally deciding to visit colder places this winter, after fully experiencing my first winter of life (in my thirties, I know. I’m after), I realized that this is actually one of my favorite seasons. There are so many things you can only do when it’s really, really cold outside, and Finnish Lapland is the

All about World Nomads Travel Insurance

Why? Because it really, really sucks when you have an emergency abroad and don’t have it, and not all insurance is made equal. There have been horror stories about people being held in hospitals, almost like hostels, for not paying outstanding bills, or worse, not getting care at all. But if you need to be