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Bonndorf is a town in the Waldshut district in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is situated in the southern Black Forest, 14 km southeast of Titisee-Neustadt. It comprises the villages Boll, Brunnadern, Dillendorf, Ebnet, Gündelwangen, Holzschlag, Wellendingen and Wittlekofen. The town is well-known for its Fastnacht festival held the days before Ash Wednesday. The town's "Plum Suckers" parade around the town ...

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Schattenmühle, Bonndorf Travel Guide


Tiefental, Bonndorf Travel Guide


Tannegg, Bonndorf Travel Guide


Stationenweg, Bonndorf Travel Guide


Bonndorf Rathaus, Bonndorf Travel Guide

Bonndorf Rathaus

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